Who is an ideal woman? Is it a beautiful creature made by nature? Or is it an ordinary man’s fantasy? Very strange, but an image of an ideal woman and an ideal wife isn’t the same with men…

A Russian wife is always a challenge and a serious stimulator. Many stories of men are popular, where they tell about their own, even former Russian wives with an incredible delight. They say: 'If I ever get married again, it will definitely be a Russian one. Because I will never meet such an emotional woman with such a scope of creativity. She is incredible, I just can’t forget her.

‘Beauty will save the world’, wrote the great classic. He seems to have spoken it only of Russian ladies. Many observers of popular foreign newspapers come to the same conclusion. What is said about Slavic women’s beauty in a foreign press?

‘ Slav women are the most beautiful in the world, so the label «made in Ukraine» is one of the most successful in the marriage market today. Ukrainian matchmakers, taking over the experience of Western colleagues are actively developing the marital and dating services. What kind of business is that? How is he honest and reliable?

Russian marriage agency. List of local agencies


Everybody need. Dating services are needed for women and men, for those who never felt the happiness of marriage or had already disappointed in marriage. Marriage services are needed by divorced people. Although the number of women who use the services of marriage agencies in Russia is much more than men. This does not mean that the men have less reason to visit marriage services
It is interesting, that now most of people prefer to buy shoes even after a long search, and even after ordering the correct pair of size. And it is not surprisingly, that the same people are very serious in searching the second half and life partner.
In real life, it can be difficult for women to discern interesting human qualities of men via the growth of 160 cm. Sometimes a child prevents some men to see the beauty and tenderness of women. Russian dating agencies have successfully solved these problems by helping people to see the uniqueness and richness of the inner world of human.
The main customers of Russian marriage agencies are women. According to age, they can be divided into two predominant groups: women of 20-25 years old, which had not yet been married, and women of 35-42 years, which are usually divorced. It may be strange, but for Russian women the opportunities of marriage with foreign men are more real and possible then with men from Russia. Maybe it is easier for women to contact the international marriage agency, because they are less conservative than men and attend to marriage more serious.

Why russian women are looking for partners abroad?

Woman in Russian society today is absolutely unprotected from the viewpoint of social guarantees. Especially a woman with a child. Country's economic problems in general affect the real destinies of real people, unfortunately, often in the saddest way. Most of our modern men (potential or real fathers) are completely unable to support financially themselves and the family. A lot of women who are tired of the daily struggle for a normal life come to us. Chronic poverty can not strengthen their patriotic feelings. In addition, Russian men are very spoiled by female care. They stopped to appreciate russian women, and real, deep, family relationships. And what should women do in such situation? Where should they to look for support and stability? Why not to look towards Germany, United States or Britain, where the family is main value. In foreign societies man have to create a family and it is the main cell of society. In foreign countires man have to pay 80% of the earned only because they are still unmarried.

Every woman starting the search of fiance abroad has her own individual reasons to do this. Despite of some diversity, in general, such reasons usually include the following:

1. Insufficient number of men of marriageable age. Everyone knows that men are less than women in Russia. Statistics shows that for 100 females there are about 97 men. That is, 3 of 100 women forced to stay single! If we examine these data by region and age division, the situation is even more dismal. Men in Russia die earlier, and some of them die at a young age.
2. Habits. Russian men are famous for their rampant alcoholism. We can not say that in other countries there is no problem of alcoholism, but not in such scale as in Russia. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is one of the few aspects where we could catch up and overtake USA. In Russia, it is considered that if your husband does not drink he is almost an angel, only without the wings. Such husband is regarded as a rare success. Besides drinking, our men have a lot of other "nice" features: laziness, betrayal, lack of desire for self-development - all of what women say - "Russian men are terrible." Of course, not all our men are so bad, but as they say, exceptions only prove the rule.
3.The economic situation in the country. Of course, our standard of living is different from the Western. Sometimes it seems as heroism that Russian women still give birth! But they want peace, stability and comfort, because life is just one.

Russian marriage agencies types

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Marriage Agencies are classified into several types:
Paid dating agencies. The visitors should pay for all services. Marriage Agency can offer time-limited service (six months per year) or perpetual membership. In the latter case the woman is considered as the agency's clients until she marry. The agency puts the client's data on its Internet site (if it has any), sends data to partners foreign agencies, cooperating with, and provides client access to men's profiles. The agency also provides assistance in the translation of correspondence and e-mail correspondence. If possible, the agency can arrange marriage tours.
Free club marriage agencies. This type of agency is organized as type of club. They are posting information like supply of free ads in the newspaper. The Agency Club provides an opportunity to place their client's data to the agency's website for free. The Agency does not publish the address of the client. It resends received letters or provides an anonymous e-mail address. These agencies do not produce a selection of information. They often do not specialize in a particular country. They tend to attract more customers and publish all information. To send an email to ukrainian women marriage, a man should have a "membership". He has to pay for a membership. Its value ranges from $ 10 to $35 per month. Membership allows a man to send emails to any member of the dating club.
Meetings agencies. Such services represent the single people who prefer romantic dating. Meetings agencies usually have specialized features. They represent the people of one nationality, religion or living in certain areas. For women the most interesting are the agencies which represent only those who want to find a partner for marriage. These agencies are selective in choosing candidates. They value the quality more then the quantity. They receive income from the saleing of brides' addresses and are not interested in placing such women who are not able to sell. The cost of one address is about $ 10. The agency offers the discounts for purchasing large quantities of addresses. Such agencies offer a range of additional services such as e-mail forwarding, translation, organization of "marriage" tours, send gifts, etc. Many agencies are organizing "meetings" with dancing, where are several dozens of foreign men and several hundred of girls. Communication is conducted in an informal atmosphere, and such familiarity may lead to marriage.

What services are offered by Russian Dating Agencies?

Each agency may have its own list of services. But traditionally this list looks so:
- Providing of access to a database of brides and grooms
- Providing of a printed marriage catalog
- Customers' profiles placement on its Internet sites
- Placement of profiles in the databases of partner agencies
- E-mail service, receiving and sending emails
- The reception and escort organization for arriving guests
- Organization of the evening meeting
- Organization of marriage tours
- Finding a partner according the orders of Western marriage agencies
- Interpreter, photographer, lawyer services

An important point in a good marriage agency is the so-called "definition of chance." This includes the consultation with the manager of the agency, giving the answer to the main question: how realistic is to marry a foreigner for this woman?

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In general, the marriage business is rather harmless. Now, however, there are many cases of unfair, deceptive attention to dating business. Therefore, you shoul be very careful choosing the dating agency. At first, the marriage agency should have legal and postal address. Secondly, it will be very good if the agency can provide a document that it is the member of any association of marriage and dating services. Thirdly, an important criterion for the quality of dating service may be its "age". After all the years of experience help solve many problems, to notice the nuances, to anticipate difficulties. The document on registration of legal entities is also needful. Much attention should be paid to the issue of withdrawal of your candidacy, if you get bored to look for a partner for one or another reason.
Fortunately, a time when marriage agencies were unity has been passed. Today, the market of dating services is rather saturated. so everyone can choose the suitable pair. There are both as giants dating services, offering "excellent" service and almost "the groom or bride on a turnkey basis, and their more modest competitors, however, and not competitors at all. For the recognition of Directors of marriage agencies, each agency has own clients. The agency takes "their" niche, and are not interesting of other agencies work. So, some marriage services operate on all fronts - from the local to worldwide dating. Others agecies are limited by certain territorial boundaries. Also, the difference of Russian marriage agencies is in the number and in the quality of services. However, the conclusion, which agency is better, you can only make if to become the client of each of them. <

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